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MUSIC CLASSES For children from birth to 3.5 with parent/caregiver

45 minute sessions - Fees are listed at the bottom of this page

To help parents gain insight into the fascinating role of musical learning in early childhood, we’re pleased to recommend to all of our parents an informative and practical booklet “Getting In Tune: The Powerful Influence of Music on Young Children’s Development”published by the Zero to Three Organization.

"Getting in Tune" - pdf

ARFIE’S MUSIC ADVENTURES  ArtsCetera’s own music program brings together an eclectic group of children’s musicians to create a multi-lingual, multi-level music experience. The star of our program is our
imaginary mascot Arfie, who comes to life through singer/songwriter Morgan Taylor, the creator of the
wildly popular stage show Gustafer Yellowgold. Each Arfie song collection features a musical lesson song
which helps parents teach their children things they need to know as they grow, like how to meet a dog
and how to cross the street safely. Classes include a CD and illustrated booklet each semester.

MUSIC FOR AARDVARKS & OTHER MAMMALS Developed by Brooklyn’s David Weinstone, Aardvarks music hit the national scene with David’s success on the Nickelodeon network, but has been a Brooklyn favorite for
a decade. Aardvarks is the “grand-daddy” of hip kid’s music and brings a unique voice to the genre, with
infectious urban classics like Taxi. David began his teaching career here at ArtsCetera, so we’re especially
proud to continue bringing his music to you. Includes a CD each semester.  (


In MIXED-AGE CLASSES (birth to 3.5) children participate according to their developmental level and personality in a fun group environment. Infants and toddlers learn through what comes naturally - sounding, singing, moving, playing percussive instruments, observing and imitating. We build on your child’s innate musicality, and encourage children to “plug themselves in” without the expectation of formal participation. Our activities are accessible for all, from babies who bounce and coo, to toddlers who find the beat. Children build skills in a shared learning environment, and participants pool their abilities to create a dynamic musical experience.

INFANT CLASSES for babies up to 12 months, are a gentle introduction to the experience of music-making.
Moms, dads and caregivers create the experience for the youngest of the young, and as the babies grow,
they become more active in their participation. Most “graduate” into mixed age classes sometime after their
first birthday, all depending on their shifting nap schedules. While many babies are more comfortable with
this approach, some do enjoy mixed-age classes, depending on their personality.

CLASSES for babies up to 18 months, generally “bridge the gap” for infants who are soon to be full-on
toddlers. These classes work well for kids who enjoy a relatively calm group experience, but are moving into
being more actively engaged in music-making.

Please call or email if you have questions on choosing the right class for your child.



(with parent/caregiver; one hour sessions)

ARFIE’S ART AND PLAY 20 months to 4 years  is a great option for kids who enjoy a big helping of musical
play with their weekly art projects. The class incorporates movement, books and music activities as doors
to the imagination, using our Arfie song collections. Both collaborative group projects and “take home” solo
projects figure into each session. Families receive a CD collection with the class.
Developed by Vicki
Devor and Nanette De Cillis,
taught by Jenn Hyjack, Annie Lynch and Nanette De Cillis.



(with parent/caregiver)

Nanette's baby music playgroup brings together babies from 6 to 12 months, in a relaxed yet stimulating environment.  Enjoy playtime with age appropriate toys, circle time with music, and share in conversation to support your baby’s earliest social interactions.  Drop-ins available with advance rsvp.



Experts say our children are not getting enough unstructured play time, which they report is essential for healthy development.  Here's a great way to add more free play time to your child's lif in a safe, welcoming environment. Some sessions include a short Sing Along segment to add to the fun. Creative play for all ages from infants up to 5 years. Toys, coloring, lego table, puzzles, reading corner.

Drop-In, No Registration Needed;    Parent/caregiver supervised with an ArtsCetera staffer on hand. $10 per session.


(drop-off; one hour sessions)


THE ART OF SCIENCE for 4 to 6 year olds
Mondays taught by Professor Jenn SciJack  
We’ve never met a pre-K or Kindergarten kid who doesn’t LOVE science! ArtsCetera’s own Professor Jenn SciJack and Doctor Nano D take the reins in giving kids hands-on fun, learning through science magic in a safe and supervised setting. Each week, experiments focus on a particular field of science, with books to support the topic and encourage literacy learning, and of course kids make a crafty art project to get super-free with their imaginations and discoveries. Professor SciJack and Doctor D remind us a whole lot of teachers Jenn and Nanette, except for the lab coats.
Maximum 8 students; $150 for 5 weeks, 3 to 4 pm, drop-off from 2:45; fee includes materials and snack.

Art classes run for one hour





ARFIE'S MUSIC ADVENTURES: $245 (Returning families); $260 (New* families); SIBLING FEE (10 MONTHS & UP): $125.00. Tuition includes 10 classes; includes a music CD and accompanying booklet.

Summer Tuition is $125 for 5 classes ($140 for new families); sibling fee is $75.

MUSIC FOR AARDVARKS AND OTHER MAMMALS:  $270 (Returning families); $285 (New* families); SIBLING FEE (10 MONTHS & UP): $125.00. Tuition includes 10 classes; includes a music CD.

Summer Tuition is $135 for 5 classes ($150 for new families); sibling fee is $75.

ARFIE'S ART & PLAY: $270 (Returning families); $285 (New* families); SIBLING FEE FOR SIBLINGS WHO MEET THE AGE REQUIREMENTS): $150. Tuition includes 10 classes and all art materials.

Arfie's Art & Play Summer Tuition is $135 for 5 classes ($150 for new families); sibling fee is $85.


Infants 9 months and under attend free when accompanying a registered older sibling in a mixed-age music class!


*New Family means new to ArtsCetera.  One-time registration fee is not required when adding or changing classes.