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Please Note:  We are currently unable to offer Associate Programs.  Please use the contact information below to inquire about where these programs are being offered.

ArtsCetera Associate Programs

(For more information on fees, registration or specific class information, please contact the associate program directly using the contact information below) 


MÚSICA PARA MÍ   Graciela Carriquí: 718-643-6660 or

New York 's premiere music-in-Spanish program developed and taught by Graciela Carriquí (aka Jennie Stein). This total immersion class is ideal for children with Spanish as a first or second language, and is a fun, participatory and tuneful way to introduce little English speakers to Spanish. Free demo classes the week of January 10th; 10 week semester starts the following week.



ONE WAVE YOGA   Michelle Morrison: 646-554-7092 or -

This class for adults provides a firm foundation upon which to build a solid, joy-filled yoga practice. Michelle gives detailed instruction in asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation. Vinyasas (flowing asana sequences) are tailored to the level of the students in each class. Brand-new beginners as well as experienced practitioners are welcome.



SIGN-A-SONG   Andrea Fixell:    646-752-9612 or -

We all naturally sign with our babies -- we wave, we point, we clap our hands. Imagine taking it a step further -- adding American Sign Language. There are endless possibilities. Infants and preverbal toddlers can let you know when they are tired or hungry. They can indicate that they prefer milk or a cracker. Early exposure to American Sign Language is a fun way to build communication, alleviate frustration, and encourage further language development. At Sign-a-Song babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their caregivers are introduced to American Sign Language vocabulary through live music, finger-moving songs, stories, and activities.


THE PIXEL ACADEMY  Mike Fischthal: 866 771-6837 or -

The Pixel Academy is a community of kids and teens that are passionate about learning 21st Century Skills. Members get access to thousands of dollars worth of state of the art technology, from virtual reality goggles and 3D Printers to self-teaching guitars and a custom-built sound studio. Assisted by our expert staff, Pixel members are able to explore and master new and relevant subjects that traditional schools aren't able to provide like Video Game Design, 3D Printing, Arduino Programming, App Development, Film Making, Music Writing, and so much more. 


JuggleFit  Heather Wolf: 347 217-4579 or -

A Bit of History

JuggleFit founder Heather Wolf couldn’t bear the thought of running away with the circus and not learning to juggle. While touring as a musician and living in a 7′ x 7′ room on a circus train, she practiced juggling in her tiny room and couldn’t believe what she discovered – juggling was a great workout – and it was fun!   Heather started teaching friends and family and noticed how it got them all laughing and having a good time. Some wanted to juggle all night long. Sharing a fun workout that people that didn’t want to stop could really help people stay fit. Heather couldn’t resist – JuggleFit was born.

Our Goal: Simple Fitness & Healthy Eating

We want to make fitness and eating healthy fun & easy for all. Plain and simple. Helping you keep fit no matter how busy your schedule is our goal. How do we do this? By offering take-anywhere exercise – including juggling, of course – plus recipe and food tips that work even when you’re on the go.